Massage of Love


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  • 12 White Rose
  • 12 Pink Rose
  • 4 Purple  Orchids
  • 1 bucket 

Care Instructions

  • Keep flowers away from direct sunlight.
  • Remove the damaged petals from the flowers.
  • Make sure that the flower form remains soaked in water.
  • A daily mist of water is beneficial for flowers.


This is a stylish arrangement of flowers that is bursting unconditional love and affection. It’s a collection of different flowers symbolizing different meanings. PInk Roses means Frendship , white Rose  means purity, Purple  orchid means dignity  These perfect blooms are an awesome way to express your different emotions towards your special one. It is the perfect gift for Valentine day, propose day, birthday, anniversary, date night, housewarming or any other occasion. Go ahead and place your order now!

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