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Meerut City Meerut city is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh it is an ancient city with settlements dating back to the Indus valley civilization heaving been found in and around the area which is in located to the northwest of the state capital of Lucknow city Meerut city is the largest city in the national capital regions and it is the 33rd most populous city in our all over India and in urban agglomeration and the 26th most populous city in our India this city is one of the largest producers of sports and musicals instruments in our India.

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following near areas: Budhana Gate, Shivpuri, Malyana, Suraj Kund Road, Gandhi Ashram, Lisari Gate, Banker Street, W. K. Road, Meerut City, Nadir Ali, Ghosipur, Navinmandi, Kabari Bazar, Thapar Nagar, Panchli Khurd, Kishanpura, Ramlilaground, Ramnagar, Rly. Road Meerut, Lisari, Anaj Mandi, Sarrafa Bazar, S.G.Mandi, Meerut Tehsil, Kaiser Ganj, Budhera Zahidpur, Baghpat Gate, Shastri Nagar and etc.